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  1. GRAVITY YOGA UK is all about having a healthy life and a healthy SPINE and reversing the compression that gravity causes whenever we are upright, whether that be standing or sitting.

    All of our MAT BASED YOGA CLASSES are first and foremost based on keeping spines strong and healthy and from there combining strength, flexibility, balance and breath work finishing with a final relaxation. 

    YOGA TRAPEZE is an ANTI GRAVITY class which naturally helps to decompress the spine and reverse the effect of gravity by inverting our bodies in this amazing yoga prop. Yoga Trapeze uses a fusion of strength, flexibility, balance, inversions and breathwork with a final relaxation to promote fitness and wellness of both body and mind.

    Elements of Yoga Trapeze are more dynamic than its mat based counterpart we get to strengthen the core and whole body, stretch, flex and fly as well as practicing daring acrobatic poses as we progress to an advanced level. 




    After an accident left me with spine damage nearly 12 years ago I turned to Yoga and Pilates as a way of helping control the pain and strengthen the muscles in my core and posterior chain.


    I had to give up all of the faster paced activities like aerobics, circuits, dancing, skiing, running and horse riding in a bid to decompress the injury site and learn to accept that low impact movement would be my friend from here on in.


    Sadly for me the injury was too extreme and 26 months ago, after countless painful procedures to aid pain relief, I had so much compression on my L3/L4 that I was losing sensation in my left limbs and taking Tramadol and Codeine like sweets to alleviate the pain.


    Major reconstruction surgery in April 2017 involved a decompression of the spine and a Coflex Fusion but also came with a strict guideline from my neurologist “ Go back to your desk job and you run the risk of permanent paralysis”.

    I was a Fitness and Aerobics Instructor in the 80’s and my social life all my adult years has always been the gym so I knew what I wanted to do with my forced career change. YOGA !


    Once I could walk again I spent 6 months training with Yogabody Yoga Teachers College in Barcelona. It was the hardest but one of the best things I have ever done with my life.

    Not only did I have to rebuild my body’s strength, flexibility and stamina but I also had to endure the healing pain of surgery. All of this while physically training for very long hours and in between classes, learning the science, anatomy and philosophy behind Yoga whilst travelling back and forth to the college in Barcelona for weeks at a time. 


    I graduated in January 2018 in both Yoga and Yoga Trapeze and set up Gravity Yoga UK. I know teach in excess of 100 different students each week in the various disciplines of spine safe yoga classes that I offer. 


    The reason I can now bend without breaking is Yoga and Yoga Trapeze.


    If you are interested in joining any of our classes, courses or workshops or would be interested in discussing 1 2 1 bespoke sessions then contact me at

    [email protected]


  2. I first started out in the Fitness Industry in the late 1980's as an Aerobics and Fitness Instructor.

    All my grown up life using gyms, participating in fitness classes and lots of other kinds of sport from horse riding to skiing have been my way of relaxing and keeping fit.

    Nine years ago though that stopped when a freak accident left me with a lower back injury and chronic pain. I was deverstated, using the gym was not an option and the fast paced fitness classses were just something I could only watch and dream of taking part in. My physiotherapist pointed me in the direction of pilates and yoga and even though it hurt like hell I knew these classes were helping me build strength in my core muscles so aiding stability and strength in my spine.

    I then spent the next eight years under going the most painful and undignified proceedures to try and stop the pain and the problem from getting worse, anyone who has had issues with their spine can probably understand where I'm coming from when I say I wanted to just give up. Curl up in a ball and sleep because trying to do anything else just hurt and exhausted me beyond belief. Yoga and Pilates were the only things that helped relieve some of the pain and made me feel like I was somewhere near to having a normal life.

    Unfortunatly the injury progressed to a point where in January 2017 I couldnt sit or stand for longer than 10 minutes without being in agony, I could only walk a few yards without dragging my leg and I had started to loose the feeling in both my left arm and leg. The neuro surgeon decided that it was time to operate and in April 2017 I had an interlaminar decompression on my spine, releasing the trapped nerves and a titanium " Coflex" fusion. ( A titanium spacer inserted between my L3 & L4 and then fused )

    I had to learn how to walk again after the operation and again Yoga and Pilates based excersises were my main form of rehabilitation and pain relief so when my surgeon announced that I could never go back to my desk job without running the risk of becomming permanatly paralysed on my left side it made perfect sense to come back into the fitness industry and retrain as a Yoga instructor.

    My passion is for Fitness and Wellbeing and not in the spiritual or meditation versions of Yoga ( not that there is anything wrong with this but it is just not my thing ). I spent a few months researching various Yoga Training providers, whilst building up my strength, and came across YOGABODY Yoga Teachers College in Barcelona. Result , not only was the thesis of their teaching what I wanted but also it was in my favourite place in the world and my go to place three or four times a year.

    For the next 6 months I literally ate, slept, studied and practiced yoga, I went back and forth to Barcelona, staying for weeks at a time. It was the hardest thing my broken body has ever done plus I'm not a spring chicken so I also had age against me including the dreadful menopausal anxiety and brain fog which meant that the studying and theory side of the course were just as mentally challenging.

    Then just because I could and because my spine loves hanging upside down ( it instantly opens up space in the vertebra ) I decided to also include Yoga Trapeze Training into the mix.

    In December 2017 I qualified in Yoga Trapeze Instruction and January 2018 I passed my Yoga Teacher Training Degree meaning I am now fully qualified and certified in both Yoga disciplines.

    Although I am in some degree of pain all the time and I still cannot sit or stand for any length of time I can teach something I am passionate about and hopefully help others with similar chronic pain issues at the same time. Why ? because my body loves movement, fact everybodies bodies love to move !

    So I guess my story is one of those where life gave me lemons so I made lemonade !

    I now have classes and courses in Yoga Trapeze and classes in Modern Yoga plus Private Tuition across Northamptonshire, if you are interested in joining me then either email me at [email protected] or give me a call on 07974372599 and remember...

                                                       WE BEND SO WE DON'T BREAK!