Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

  • Get direct, 1-2-1 training to achieve your health goals with yoga
  • Practice time based on your schedule & your availability 
  • Learn more quickly, go deeper with personal attention & training
  • Continue practice during Covid 19 restrictions.


Class Packages 

  • Single Person Yoga, Aerial or Yoga Trapeze Private 60 Minute Session                  £30
  • Two Person Yoga or Yoga Trapeze Private 60 Minute Session                                  £50
  • Single Person 4 x Yoga, Aerial or Yoga Trapeze Private Session Pack                     £100
  • Two Person 4 x  Yoga or Yoga Trapeze Private Session Pack                                    £160


How it Works

Currently Private tuition classes are  held in The Garden Studio in Kettering following strict COVID-19 guidelines or Virtually via a Zoom link. 

Session’s are 60 minutes long unless otherwise agreed.

Private practice recommended is a minimum of one session per week, although some students prefer to practice 2-3 times per week which is even better if you’re able to commit to that. 

All sessions start with a Breath Centering Meditation and end with a Final Relaxation and include any set up time.



Start/end time. Sessions must be booked and paid for in advance .

Sessions are scheduled in 60 minute blocks of time. If a session starts late due to student delay the session will still need to end at the scheduled time.

Cancellation policy. Booked sessions can be rescheduled without penalty providing a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice is given. If less than 24 hours, then the session will not be refundable or transferrable. 

Liability waiver. Students take full responsibility for their own health and any illness or injury that may occur. Students cannot and will not hold instructors or any employers or affiliates responsible in the case of accident or illness during practice. It is each individual students responsibility to check with their medical practitioner that they are happy for them to participate if they have any medical conditions or concerns which may effect their practice. Students will need to sign a waiver before commencing practice with Gravity Yoga UK.

Suitability. Please note non of Gravity Yoga UK’s classes are suitable for children or during pregnancy, Yoga Trapeze & Aerial Yoga sessions are not advisable for some medical conditions so please check with me before booking your sessions. 

Props. Gravity Yoga UK will not provide additional props during Covid 19 restrictions, unless otherwise agreed, so it is important that you bring anything required for your sessions. This includes mats so please be sure to remember your equipment.

Washroom Facilities. Please note there are no washroom facilities available to students.

Covid 19 Safety Guidelines. These guidelines must be strictly followed during the restriction period. Students will be advised before sessions of the safety guidelines in place during that time and these are subject to change as the government advice updates. Any student breaking these conditions will be asked to leave immediately and the session/s cancelled. Students must not attend any session if they are feeling ill or self issolating.

Refund Policy. Gravity Yoga UK run a strict no refund policy as outlined in our full terms and conditions page.

For a full list of our terms and conditions please see our Terms & Conditions Page 


To organise a consultation or to enquire about Private Tuition sessions email me at;

[email protected]