Come and Fly Outdoors !

This year we have again opened our Garden Studio for outside flying. There is something quite magical about taking your practice outside and looking up at the sky while you hang upside down.

YOGA TRAPEZE is an ANTI GRAVITY class which naturally helps to decompress the spine and reverse the effect of gravity by inverting our bodies in this amazing yoga prop. Our Yoga Trapeze sessions use a fusion of strength, flexibility, balance and inversion poses with a focus on breath and relaxation for an all over workout of body and mind.

Suitable for complete beginners or frequent flyers as sessions are bespoke to each students ability.


Class Packages 

  • Single Person Yoga Trapeze Private 60 Minute Session                  £30
  • Two Person Yoga Trapeze Private 60 Minute Session                     £50
  • Single Person 4 x Yoga Trapeze Private Session Pack                     £100
  • Two Person 4 x  Yoga Trapeze Private Session Pack                       £160


How it Works

Private tuition classes are  held in The Garden Studio in Kettering following strict COVID-19 guidelines  

Session’s are 60 minutes long unless otherwise agreed.

Private practice recommended is a minimum of one session per week, although some students prefer to practice 2-3 times per week which is even better if you’re able to commit to that. 

All sessions start with Breath Centering and end with a Final Relaxation and include any set up time.


To enquire about Private Tuition sessions email me at; [email protected] or call 07974372599