Aerial Yoga is an anti-gravity class which uses both the ground and the support of a suspended silk sling to transform traditional yoga into a multi dimensional experience.

Aerial Yoga involves practicing traditional and modern Yoga exercises in the air by suspending the body, or parts of the body in an aerial hammock hung low to the floor.

Aerial Yoga helps you to improve flexibility, balance, coordintaion and build strength, helps decompress the spine and tight joints, releases muscular tension as well as stimulating creativity and energy in the body.

Each class combines yoga poses mixed with body conditioning, aerial dancing and relaxation breathing techniques in a unique flying aerial class.

There is a weight limit of 200Ilbs for safety reasons.

Ideal for students of who want to progess from Yoga Trapeze or who have been practicing some kind of aerial activity.

Please note non of Gravity Yoga UK’s classes are suitable for children or during pregnancy, Yoga Trapeze & Aerial Yoga sessions are not advisable for some medical conditions so please check with me before booking your sessions.


Beginners Intro To Aerial Yoga 3 Week Term

MONDAY  July 19th 10.00 till 11.ooam x 3 Consecutive Weeks

Cost £50 for the term